Avery Cardoza: Biography, Works, Publishing House

Avery Cardoza is a popular gambling writer and publisher who owns such a publishing house as Cardoza Publishing, the one who works only with gambling books of different topics. He is known as a person who was able to beat casinos out of big money when he was underage; it was the game of blackjack and Avery was able to learn card counting system and win big money.

He was 23 when he had written his first successful book Winning Casino Blackjack for the Non-Counter; since that time Mr. Cardoza had written and published a lot of books (look the list below). He is also a passionate traveler who studies gambling habits of different nationalities and writes about how they influence the game itself.

Some facts from life

Avery Cardoza was born in 1957 in New York (Brooklyn), was interested in mathematics from the early ages and continued to study it at Vassar College.

Avery was a teenager when he became interested in gambling, and his skills in mathematics helped him to learn all techniques (card counting) and use them for playing and winning money. When he was noticed to use card counting (moreover, he was young to play), Avery Cardoza was banned from visiting many casinos.

He has never had a full-time job which would demand sitting at the office from 9am till 5pm because of his gambling career. Now, Mr. Cardoza has apartments in New York and Las Vegas; the offices of his company are also located in Moscow and London.

Cardoza is also the author of the dark comedy Lost in Las Vegas (2001) where the fun is made of murders, drinking and gambling.

Avery Cardoza's Best Books

We are glad to represent you the list of the most popular works of Avery Cardoza; you can definitely find here something interesting for yourself to read: just choose the topic and enjoy your reading.

  • Casino Craps for the Winner
  • Secrets of Winning Slots
  • Winning Casino Play
  • The Basics of Winning Poker
  • How to Win at Gambling
  • The Basics of Winning Baccarat
  • Essential Blackjack Wisdom
  • Winning Casino Blackjack for the Non-Counter
  • Cardoza Craps Master
  • How to Play Winning Poker
  • Secrets of Winning Video Poker

Baccarat History

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Baccarat Rules

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Baccarat Tips

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