Lyle Stuart: Brief Bio, Books and Other Achievements

Lyle Stuart (a real name is Lionel Simon) is deservedly considered to be the most controversial gambling author and publisher of America: he was not afraid of publishing books and articles which other publishers did not accept; he was a strong freedom of the press defender because he believed people should tell everything that worried them.

Lyle Stuart was the admirer of two particular casino games - craps and baccarat - and some of his books were devoted particularly to them; and they had become bestsellers as they described Stuart's personal experience: he personally knew all those people whom he described in his books and he personally took part in all described occasions.

Lyle Stuart was believed to be the a real gambling authority and he helped casinos with advice how to protect them from casino cheaters; he called himself to be a "First Amendment fanatic" and had a reputation of a person who was not afraid of writing and publishing everything that, according to social opinion, could offend people's felling.


So, who is Lionel Simon and why had he become Lyle Stuart? Let's have a look at some dates of his biography:

August, the 11th, 1922 - was born in Manhattan. When Lionel was 6 his father, who was a salesman, committed suicide.

When he was a teenager, he did not finish school in Brooklyn and decided to join a merchant marine. Some time later Lionel decided to change his name because of the anti-semitism he met there.

1940's-1950's - got married and began to work with some publications (he published a monthly The Independent). These years are also known as a fight of Lyle Stuart with the powerful columnists of that time - Winchell. Stuart won this fight and used the money for opening Lyle Stuart Inc. - the independent publishing house which first book saw the light in 1956.

1960's-1970's - Lyle Stuart supports Fidel Castro and publishes some books which had made him to be a millionaire: "History Will Absolve Me", "The Rich and the Super-Rich", "The Sensuous Woman" by "J" and others.

1989 - Mr. Stuart sells his publishing house Lyle Stuart Inc. and promises not to publish during the next three years; but soon he founds Barricade Books and publishes the very controversial "The Anarchist Cookbook."

1997 - this year brought a bankruptcy to Lyle Stuart after Stephen Wynn (the casino owner) won $3 million in a court when Lyle published his biography that had some secret information. But Mr. Stuart was able to return his money back.

June, the 24th, 2006 - died because of the heart attack. Lyle Stuart was 83 when he passed away.

His family: the first wife died because of cancer and Lyle got married again with his secretary Carole Livingston. He has 2 children from his first marriage (a son - Rory John and a daughter - Sandra Lee), one stepdaughter and 3 grandchildren.


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