Henry Tamburin: Respected and Famous Gambling Author

Henry Tamburin is considered to be famous blackjack author though he wrote also about other casino games and gambling world in general: he had written many different articles (over 700) on gambling topic, took part in television and radio shows, he is not only an author but also a player and a lecturer. And all this is thanks to the card game of blackjack which Henry could not beat and promised to come back to the blackjack table for revenge.

How all this started?

In 1968 Henry Tamburin was the young graduate student of Maryland University, where he studied chemistry; he was young but married already, and his friends (a married couple too) invited him and his wife to Las Vegas. Henry did not have much money but anyway decided to go. When they were in the hotel already and his wife waited for their turn to check them in, Mr. Tamburin decided to kill some time at a hotel casino and play blackjack a little; he read that blackjack was possible to beat but soon he had lost the whole bankroll!

It was a really awful defeat, and Henry promised himself, even vowed, to learn the game perfectly in order to become a real expert and finally beat blackjack.

We know what happened next: Henry Tamburin had kept his word.


Mr. Tamburin is the author of numerous books about gambling, and all of them are interesting and useful for many people who are interested in casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, craps and others.

There is the list of some best books written by Henry Tamburin:

  • Henry Tamburin on Casino Gambling
  • The Ultimate Blackjack Book
  • Craps: Take the Money and Run
  • Winning Baccarat Strategies
  • The Reference Guide to Casino Gaming
  • Blackjack: Take the Money and Run


Mr. Tamburin never considered himself to be a real blackjack expert though all critics ascribe such a status to him. He had been working as a manager of chemical company (an international one) for 30 years and always loved his work; after being retired he began to devote more time to the game of blackjack and became interested in video poker too.

Henry has his official website which is called Smart Gaming: there you can find many interesting facts and strategies for different casino games.

Baccarat History

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Baccarat Rules

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Baccarat Tips

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