Q's Baccarat the System (Q's Baccarat Winning Strategies)

You are welcome to read one of the most controversial baccarat books which has a rather strange reputation: being very popular, it stills has to "listen" to many negative reviews and thoughts concerning itself. Why is it so? Is it worth reading such a book? What was the author's purpose? And what is this book's name by the way?

Q's Baccarat the System

Author: John Qui

Number of pages: 122

Year of publishing: 1997


There is the only one baccarat system which is described and analyzed in this book: the author makes an attempt to prove every gambler the fact that it is possible to win baccarat by betting on Tie option only - and this fact is rather controversial itself. We know that almost all baccarat experts advise players to avoid the Tie bet because it's very risky and unprofitable anyway: Tie wins very and very rare, and even if it wins - it takes 14,4% of casino commission.

So, John Qui affirms that there are some exact patterns to Tie option, and it is possible to beat baccarat with the help of it, especially if you make your bets carefully and your bankroll is not too big: he advises to make bets on Tie which are lower than ones for Player and Banker options.

Q's Baccarat the System contains different diagrams and tables together with various charts which, according to this book, can help you to get advantage in baccarat with only one option - Tie: the main thought is to remember that some shoes are rich for Ties and other ones - not. All the details of how to recognize the winning shoe are described under the cover.

Negative moments

If to read some readers' comments concerning Q's Baccarat the System, it can easily be seen that they are completely different: you will not find any average comment about its content - they are either GOOD or BAD!

Many people think that Q's Baccarat the System is definitely not worth reading because it describes something stupid, unnecessary and inoperative at all! They advise to try the system described only if you are a really lucky baccarat player.

Anyway, there are also gamblers who tried the system described and it really worked for them. So, the expression "want to know something - try it by yourself" really works for this book of John Qui.

Read some readers' comments and have a chance to buy this book here.

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