The History of Baccarat Game

What is the most necessary thing to learn and remember about a casino game before playing it and trying to win money with the help of it? These are rules of this game of course, and when we speak about baccarat, the answer would be baccarat rules then. Anyway, it is important to remember the fact that each casino game has its own history of development, and every professional gambler would tell you that baccarat history is also important to remember in order to become a real pro of the game!

Let's plunge into the rich history of baccarat card game in order to make one step closer to becoming a professional baccarat player; moreover, it is always exciting to learn something new about your favorite card game, isn't it?

The very beginning

The main question of baccarat history is: where are the origins of the game - in France or Italy? The creator of the game is believed to be the Italian gambler Felix Falguerein, but baccarat became extremely popular only when it came to France with the soldiers of Charles VIII in the end of the 15th century; it was France where two main baccarat variations - Chemin de Fer and Baccarat en Banque - were born and widespread all over the world later.

First, when baccarat was in Italy, it was played with tarot cards but later the 52-cards deck came to change them. Baccarat was considered to be the game of noble and rich gentlemen only, and it was believed that the middle class had no opportunity and right to play, but it was actually not true because people played baccarat in some illegal clubs anyway.

The name of baccarat game is originated from the Italian word "baccara" which means "zero" and a loss in this game.

Baccarat in America

It was the end of the 19th century when baccarat began its journey to America thanks to English and French citizens who lived there, but was not very popular there at that time because of another casino card game - blackjack. It was time when blackjack was really extremely popular in America and it was played everywhere there, so poor baccarat had no chance to win this struggle for popularity.

Anyway, baccarat came to Cuba, got the name Punto Banco and stayed there till the 1950's; Tommy Renzoni, a casino player and writer, brought baccarat to Las Vegas where its rebirth began! The rules and name of the game (Punto Banco) were decided to stay the same and the third popular baccarat variation - North-American baccarat - was born.

Americans liked the game very much and were so excited to play it that they began to create some new variations of baccarat; one more popular baccarat variant - Mini baccarat - was soon born in such a way. Anyway, two original baccarat games were not forgotten because Europeans were not in a hurry to accept a new baccarat game and continued playing Chemin de Fer and Baccarat en Banque in casinos. That is why today almost all casinos provide its visitors with all three baccarat variations to choose from.

Baccarat today

The history of baccarat game is not finished yet: the game continues to develop and give a joy to all its fans. With the era of the Internet the new chapter of baccarat life had begun - today more and more gamblers prefer to play this game online both for fun and real money; so, all online casinos are glad to represent you different baccarat variations to choose and play without going anywhere. Easy search, nice bonuses and quick access make online baccarat to be among the most popular and loved casino games to play.

Baccarat History

history.jpgBaccarat game is believed to appear in Italy though the motherland of this game is France: it came to America in the end of the 19th century and gained the big popularity. Read about the difficulties baccarat had to overcome before becoming the game of choice for many gamblers all over the world.

Baccarat Rules

rules.jpgBaccarat game is not difficult to play; that is why it attracts many gamblers: you should not learn any particular system or strategy to win baccarat, but some moments are present which a gambler should know by heart if s/he wants to understand and play baccarat card game perfectly. Read the main baccarat rules!

Baccarat Tips

tips.jpgSpecial tips have been developed by professional gamblers both for land-based baccarat and baccarat online: there are not many of them but they really worth learning because they help gamblers to understand their chances clearly and play baccarat with less losses for sure.Read the common baccarat tips!